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Kids Party Games

Birthday Dinner

Players sit in a circle. The birthday child starts by saying, "At my birthday dinner I like to eat (.)". Then the next player must repeat, "At my birthday dinner I like to eat (what the first child said)" and then add another Meal. This continues around the circle with each player reciting the dishes in the same order they have been given and then adding a new one. If a player makes a mistake they move out of the circle and the game continues. The person left who can perfectly

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around the yard or in selected rooms if they can't go outside, then have children work together to find all the items.. Scavenger hunts are a fun way to entertain kids at birthday parties


This is a game that requires room and good supervision - the children are blindfolded (or not, if they are young and don't want to be) and they take a stick and try to break a hanging container that has candies and other small goodies in it. (Colorful Band-Aids were popular among the preschoolers here!). To make one, you can do something as simple as decorating a paper grocery bag with paints or crepe paper and then gluing and taping the top shut once the treats are inside. Run a string along the top edge before shutting the bag. You can also make a fancier one using a balloon and paper mache. The fun thing is that these can

Balloon Busta

Write the name of each child on a balloon, one balloon for each child's name. Each child is given a pin and tries to pop the balloons. The winner is the child whose name is on the last balloon to be popped.
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