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Pennies from Heaven

By BJ Palmer

Today I found a penny and I put it in my shoe,
But when I went to take it out, I found that I had two.

I put the pennies back again, because I wanted to see,
If I left them a little longer, the two would turn to three.

I went outside to play a game, I wasn't gone for long.
But when I came back to see, the both of them were gone.

Now maybe there's a moral here and maybe there is not,
But if you find a penny or two, be happy with your lot!


By B. R. J. Davison

Friends are fun
Friends are funny
Friends are good to you
Friends are the best thing in the world
So please don't argue
or they will go away and may not come back
Hold on tight with all your might and
They will always come back

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