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Baby Food

It is a great feeling for a mother when her baby begins to have food. It usually around the 4th or 5th month that the doctor's advice you to give semi solids to your baby. Now the question arises that what a mother should give that is healthy and liked by her baby. So here's a guideline for all mothers who have a number of questions regarding BABY FOOD.


  • During the 4th - 5th months include cereals in the diet, you can give iron-fortified baby rice, barley or oatmeal cereal (dry).
  • As the baby reaches his 6th month, you can add veggies like carrots, squash. sweet potatoes, peas,green beans, spinach and beets.
  • Till the 7th month, fruits can form a part of your baby's diet. These can be oven-dried,apple juice, strained fruits; high protein baby cereals (dried).
  • As the baby turns to his 8th month you can include meat and meat products like strained meats: beef, liver, turkey,alternates chicken, egg yolks. cooked dried beans
  • By the time your baby turns 10 months , make sure he gets plenty of cheese, plain yogurt, finger foods, sliced meats, soft cooked vegetables green beans, carrot coins cut in quarters, broccoli crackers.
  • As the baby reaches the age of 1 year , you can give him finger foods or sliced foods. These can include whole egg,banana slices, pear slices. peach slices,watermelon. cantaloupe, crackers,cheese slices and macaroni


Make Your Own Baby Food

  • It is very simple and hygienic to give your baby food made by your own hand. But there are certain tips that mothers must follow in order to take care of nutrition and hygiene while preparing food for your loved one.
  • Make sure you nicely wash your hands before starting upon making food.
  • Make it a point that all the equipments, containers that you will require are thoroughly clean.
  • If you are giving fruit or vegetables to your baby, make sure it is peeled and the seeds are removed.
  • As soon as the food is ready cover it and refrigerate it.
  • Do not keep the pureed food in the refrigerator for more than 3 days as there are chances of bacteria sprouting into them.

Methods to prepare Baby Food.

You can choose any of the following methods to prepare food for your baby , depending upon the type of food and your convenience.


A food mill can be used by cutting the cooked foods into pieces and putting into the mill. The seeds and peels will remain there giving you fine food for your baby.


Another method that is common and widely used is by finely chopping a food and mixing it with a liquid.


You can also use a blender to mix certain food formulas with fruits or milk , by blending them to the required consistency. This method is quite fast and easy.

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