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A Fairy Tail
B. J. Palmer

It was getting late on a Sunday evening when dad declared it was time for bed. I climbed up on his shoulders as I had done nearly every day of my 7 years and demanded a bedtime story. Dad dumped me on the bed and asked me where my favourite book of fairytales was. I reached under my bed as I enthusiastically announced its location. Which one will it be tonight Bronte he asked but while I was thinking a question popped out of my brain. Why are they called fairytales dad?

Dad stopped for a minute to think, you can always tell when dad's thinking cause he gets a little crinkly in his forehead just between his eyes. Well, he began closing the book, it all started long ago in a far off land. I could tell this was going to be a good one so I snuggled in and listen attentively.

The kingdom of Coractus was ruled by a stern but wise king with a croaky voice by the name of Aday. He had two sons, Murphious & Frazury. Although the two boys were twins they were very different in the way they did their thinking. Murphy was an easygoing storyteller whose best friend was a fairy princess named Ailish. Murphy did not have much time for the day-to-day running of the kingdom, as it was not in his nature to make tough decisions nor to concern himself with the tit-for-tat pettiness of the conflicts of the kingdoms constituents. He preferred to spend his time making up stories and telling them to any and all who would listen and he was never short of an audience as he was very good at it. Most days he could be found in the Coractus Courtyard where a number of writers would meet and share their stories. There they would take turns telling their latest tails and the fairies who would gather to listen would judge the best story of the day and the winner would be presented with food and drink from the courtyard caretaker. Murphious was very often the recipient of these favours.

Ever since he was young the prince's biggest fan was a fairy called Ailish. Ailish was daughter of Melayne Grace queen of the last colony of fairies in the land. She was unmistakably a fairy by looks and by nature. Fairies are a curious lot, they can only be seen when they want to be and although they love to play they have a high sense of duty and believe it their main purpose to make dreams for children. These dreams would be good if the child had been good but if the child had been bad they can make their dreams so dreadful they will wake in the night with a scream, depending on how bad the child had been. The way they would do this is by flying into the children's bedroom at night and sprinkling fairy dust in their eyes. This dust would contain a story magically transformed to be absorbed into the thoughts of sleeping children. By the morning the dust would harden and form crystals in the corner of their eyes and the child would wipe it away without a thought. The fairies would get the stories from the writers in the kingdom such as Murphious and Murphious was Ailish's preferred supplier, as he would only make up stories to give pleasant dreams.

Ever night Ailish would fly in and out of windows sprinkling fairy dust and spreading the wonderful stories of the kingdom until one day things were to change.

Frazury was a far more serious boy whose dedication to his father's work had all and sundry believing he would follow his father and one day rule the kingdom himself. This was his ambition and he believed his right for all his hard work while his brother indulged his folly. He would make the kingdom the greatest in the land and would demand those who waist their time playing games and telling stories be put to better use.

Frasury's bedroom was next to the king's bedroom and one morning while the king was having breakfast with the queen he overheard a conversation that rocked him to the core, the king was talking of announcing Murphious as the heir to the thrown. Frazury is a very dutiful son but he is very unforgiving, Muphious is more understanding than Frazury and he would be kinder to those who need help. Frazury went into a state of panic, how could this be, it was he who worked tirelessly for the king faithfully learning the ways of the king so that he could take over from him when he was no longer able to do it. Murphious shirked his duties in favour of those retched fairies over the needs of the kingdom, how could this be. It would not, it could not, he just can't let it happen. Frazury began to hatch a plan. He knew that as he was first born and if the king did not, or could not, make such a proclamation then he would be crowned king over his brother as this was the law. But how could he do it, how could he change his father's mind or make it so his father could not formally let his wishes be known. Even as he was thinking he could hear that voice in the back of his head, he knew what he would have to do but he was not ready to admit it, not even to himself, not yet. After breakfast he went about his business but his mind was always thinking about what he had heard and trying to think of someway he could stop his father's wishes becoming reality, the thought nearly made him sick, he would be the next king of Coractus no matter what it takes.

To be continued...