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Baby Clothing

One of the most treasured joy of a mother is to dress up and cuddle her baby in the most beautiful dress one in which your baby boy looks like a prince and girl resembles a doll. But there are certain guidelines that you must follow before buying any kind of clothes for your child, to keep him/her safe comfortable and cute.

Bows, Buckles and Buttons

One of the important thing to keep in mind before buying clothes for your baby is "where are the buttons, buckles or bows located?" Make sure that these decorative accessories are not at a place that may cause them hurt while removing or making them wear the clothes.


Whenever you buy a dress for your baby make sure that it is functional and not cumbersome. It should provide an easy access to diaper changing , clothing change etc. Dress has a comfortable neckline or is not too much tight at places.

Season Friendly

When you decide going to shop for your baby. Shop in accordance to the season in which the baby is going to born.

If you are expecting the baby in winters , make sure you do not pile up short dresses. Rather go in for sleeping suits and onesies. If you are expecting your baby in monsoon , make sure you have ample of soft and light cottons. Cottons give ample of comfort level to the baby, making it easy for him to breathe in the sweaty environment.

In Size

Shop according to the size of your baby. Clothes that fit to a normal new born are easily available at the store, so you would not have any problem finding them . Do not buy clothes that are over sized or extremely tight making things uncomfortable for the baby.