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Baby Birth Signs

Planet : Mars
Element : Fire
Colour : Bright Red
Gemstone : Ruby
Metal : Iron

When I grow up... : Architects, designers, company directors, auctioneers, sales person, lecturers, writers.

The nature of the Aries child is akin to "watch out world, here I come" ! Little Aries can make for a demanding baby, but responding quickly to their needs will make for a secure child. They will be adventurous and quick to jump in where others may hesitate.

They typically reach their milestones early and will continue to constantly search for new and exciting ways to explore their limits.

Parents be ready for a competitive and ambitious child that does not take losing well. Your lifelong support will be important to this fiery child with a strong will who often leaps before looking ! Aries are frank, honest and loyal with a great capacity for affection. Be careful not to deflate their enthusiasm for life when disciplining a well intended action. Your Aries should have good health and be generally fortunate throughout their lives. They are designed to be leaders and they realise this early on !


Planet : Venus

Element : Earth

Colour : Bright Green

Gemstone : Emerald

Metal : Copper

When I grow up... : Banker, stockbroker, doctor, nurse, farmer, landscaper, florist, seamster/seamstress.

Taureans can make for very contented babies, but of course with that trademark stubborn streak ! They are quiet, placid, sweet natured children who can be quite shy in front of others. Don't force them to be the centre of attention until they choose to come forward. They are reliable and predictable, exhibiting a maturity beyond their years. You can usually trust these children not to get into trouble, unless it involves playing hard in the dirt. They are very creative and gifted in the arts, singing, painting and dancing come easy to these children. The stubborn streak is one of the areas they can run into trouble if they become rigid on an issue, it won't be easy (most likely impossible ! ) to get them to budge.

They are fond of their food also, you may find your house stays tidy, but your cupboards are always bare. They do like their home comforts, create a haven of warmth and love to raise a secure, happy Taurean child.


Planet : Mercury

Element : Air

Colour : Orange

Gemstone : Opal

Metal : Mercury

When I grow up... Clerk, advertising agent, solicitor, public relations officer, lecturer, musician.

One of the most social signs of the Zodiac, your Gemini baby will want to catch all the action. Be prepared for an active baby from the word go ! This baby will want to run before they can crawl and when they do, they'll be off ! You'll find lots of energy is needed keeping up with them and all the activities they want to experience. They are easily bored and need plenty to interest them lest they find they're own mischievous way of amusing themselves ! Naturally inquisitive, they are full of questions with a humorous outlook on life. They are very intelligent children that learn fast but often lack the attention span to follow through with many projects and maximise their intellectual capacity. Love your bright, friendly child for all she is, enthusiastic, clever and eager to explore the world!


Planet : Moon

Element : Water

Colour : Silver

Gemstone : Moonstone

Metal : Silver

When I grow up... Caterer, cook/chef, publican, performer, nurse.

This sign is one of the most sensitive in the Zodiac. They will always revere the special feelings of security and closeness experienced as a child, mum will always be number 1 to them. Family is important to the Cancerian, likely to marry and start a family early becoming a devoted parent. Cancerians need huge amounts of love and reassurance to gain confidence outside of the family. Wear this baby in a sling as you do your work so he can be close to you always. Co-sleeping is a wonderful experience for both mother and baby crab. These baby's will not take what they consider rejection lightly, just leaving a room can break their heart, but nothing a cuddle can't fix ! Despite this sensitivity, cancerians are ambitious and masterful and determined to explore their world. In the end though, home is where they'd rather be.


Planet : Sun

Element : Fire

Colour : Yellow

Gemstone : Precious Topaz

Metal : Gold

When I grow up... Director, manager, jeweller, poet, writer, musician.

Leo children are naturally comfortable being the centre of attention. They are sunny, bright and jolly providing things are going their way. Happy to entertain, they may have a tendency to show off a little, but usually their talent to amuse and perform wins over. Lion cubs (and grown ups ! ) have a habit of being bossy and wanting to control the situation, but despite this they are never short of friends. They have a great capacity for imaginative play which should be respected in all children. Leos like to look smart and their appearance is important to them. Some of their special qualities include generosity to others and attention to detail, they are very thorough in all matters.


Planet : Mercury

Element : Earth

Colour : Beige

Gemstone : Agate

Metal : Nickel

When I grow up... Business management, food service, chemist, author, publisher or printer, computer technician.

Virgos are usually quiet, highly intelligent and inquisitive children. Never far from the action, they prefer to watch and learn from the sidelines. The pay great attention to detail and are very methodical in their actions. On the downside, they can be very self-critical and will often suffer in silence. A little encouragement may be needed to find out what's ticking over in that bright mind. They are the perfectionists of the Zodiac. They're helpful dispositions make for considerate and kind friends that prefer gentle and quiet play to the rough and ready natures of others. They tend to worry excessively, and their health can suffer, natural remedies are favourable for these children. These children thrive on rhythm and routine in their lives.


Planet : Venus

Element : Air

Colour : Turquoise

Gemstone : Jade

Metal : Bronze

When I grow up... Manager or foreperson of quiet business, librarian, secretary, stage manager, interior designer.

Libran babies have a reputation for their beauty and adorable dispositions. They have being cute down to an art and learn quickly that this is the way to achieve their goals, flattery will get them everywhere ! They are sensitive children, especially susceptible to over stimulation. They prefer calm and serene environments to the noise and colour of fair grounds and the like. They can struggle with choices, so it's a good idea to limit their options if you have any thing else to do that week ! They do not need harsh discipline but as they grow are likely to argue about details and play devil's advocate. They enjoy artistic pursuits and will naturally exude grace and style, but can exhibit tendencies to be lazy. They are good mediators as they grow and have great skills in co-operation.


Planet : Mars

Element : Water

Colour : Dark Red

Gemstone : Red Garnet

Metal : Steel

When I grow up... Chemists, surgeons, doctors, detective.

Scorpio babies are often born convinced that life is going to be one big battle, and come prepared. They often display extremes of emotion, one minute happy and helpful, the next like the world has turned on him. Baby Scorpios are very responsive to their mother's emotional state and need reassurance and love that you are there for them. These children need giant doses of love and attention and a hug will work far better when trying to discipline the Scorpio child. His own anger frightens him enough without being on the receiving end of yours as well. Determination is one of the strongest Scorpio traits, little will stop them from pursuing their desires, even if they know it will lead to trouble ! They make loyal and generous friends with a natural ability to be fair in all their dealings.


Planet : Jupiter

Element : Fire

Colour : Deep Blue

Gemstone : Sapphire

Metal : Tin

When I grow up... Soldier, Sailor, Teacher, Lawyer, clergyperson, horse dealer.

These babies are eager to socialise and entertain others with their cheeky grins, always wanting to be on the go. They will avoid sleep as long as possible in case they're missing something ! Sagittarians can be extremely bright, but are quick to move on to a new subject, often forgetting what they had previously learned. They are optimistic characters, honest and open-minded. Sometimes their over enthusiasm can be mistaken for irresponsibility by others. People warm to these cheerful children, but being in a prominent position can make them nervous. They are wonderfully generous and curious, it's important to show these children that you trust them and they will rise to the occasion.


Planet : Saturn

Element : Earth

Colour : Gray

Gemstone : Black Diamond

Metal : Lead

When I grow up... Building construction, estate agent, interior designer, Company merger manager.

Baby Capricorns are serious souls who seem older than their years. They like routine and are happy to help tidy their toys and keep them in their place. They are prone to sulking and do not easily come round, with a tendency to feel hard done by if things don't go their way. They accept responsibility well and are good leaders, but prefer one or two special friends to a large group of play mates. Plenty of affection and encouragement are needed with your baby goat, he will always be loyal to those he loves. Family is important to the Capricorn and you can rely on him faithfully to be there when you need him.


Planet : Saturn

Element : Air

Colour : Purple

Gemstone : Amethyst

Metal : Aluminium

When I grow up... Inventor, designer, artist, musician, electrician.

These lively babies can be very unpredictable and are always looking for new and unusual experiences ! Fun-loving and social, Aquarian infants make friendly companions, melting your heart with their twinkling eyes. They are independent youngsters and as soon as they can get around they'll be off on their way, regardless of what you say ! They respond poorly to rigid structure and routine, and require a more creative environment to enhance their natural talents. Born performers, Aquarians attract many friends and offer honest and faithful friendships. Life will never be dull with your Aquarian child !


Planet : Jupiter

Element : Water

Colour : Iridescent Violet

Gemstone : Aquamarine

Metal : Platinum

When I grow up... Seaman, traveller, writer, artist.

The Piscean youngster is a dreamy adventurer who from birth, seem wise beyond their years. They crave independence but rely heavily on mum to be close by in case they get frightened ! A very emotional sign needing lots of hugs and cuddles to feel happy and secure. They develop strong friendships and are deeply hurt when they experience a falling out. They are wonderfully compassionate to all creatures and have a strong instinct to care for others.Their great capacity for imagination will give them wonderful stories throughout their childhood which they will look back on with great fondness. They need strong encouragement to not wallow in self-pity but a sympathetic shoulder to cry on in their many times of need. Loving and friendly children who will be popular all their lives.