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Kids Summer Games

Footprints in the Sand

Firmly press feet into the sand about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep.  Mix up plaster of paris according ht the directions on the package so that it has a thick, creamy consistency.  Pour the wet plaster gently in to the footprints.  After 20 to 25 minutes, gently dig the footprints out of the molds and brunch away any excess sand.  Set sloe-side up in the sun for about an hour to let harden.

Flashlight Tag

Everyone has a flashlight.  If 'it" shines a light on you before you get back to base, you're caught.


King of the Dribblers

Designate or cone off an area.  Everyone gets a ball.  Players must stay inside the area and dribble; no standing around.  As they bounce the ball, they tri to knock everyone's else's' ball away with their free hand.  When a player's ball gets knocked outside the designated area, he or she is out.  The last player dribbling is crowned king or queen.  After right handed dribbling, try left handed.


Players line up single file behind the free throw line.  the first person starts by shooting a free throw.  If he sinks it, he goes to the end of the line and stays in the game.  But if he misses, he must quickly rebound it and put in tin before the next person in line, attempting his free throw, makes his shot.  failure to do so means he is knocked out.  If the player behind him misses his free throw, he must shoot a lay-up too.  If both players are shooting lay-ups, the second player can still knock out tee person ahead of him if he makes his lay-up first.  


Players take shot from anywhere around the court.  If one player makes a shot, the other must duplicate it  If he misses, he gets a letter.  First to spell horse loses.

Around the World

Designate three shooting stations along each side of the key, with teh free throw line at the top.  Players stat at the base of the kdy nearest the hoop and go from station to station as long as they keep hitting.  If youmiss, you stop at that station andt he other player shoots or yo can chance another shot.  If you miss that you start over.  First to go around the woeld and back wins.


Place a baseball tee and have children ride by and toss a hula hoop over it.

Set up plastic bottles and drive by and try to squirt them down with squirt guns.


Twenty One

Two or three players stand 10 to 15 yards apart and throw a ball back and forth.  A throw to the other person's chest counts for two points.  A catch able throw without the catcher moving her feet is one point, below the waist or  a non catch or one that the catcher has to move is no points. 


The object is to move down the field and score a touch down, but the offense can only proceed by completing passes; there is no running with the ball after the catch.  Tree completions make a first  down.  If the offense fails to complete the requisite three passes in a four down series, the players switch positions - quarterback to receiver, receiver to defender and defender to QB and play marches back down the field in the opposite direction.  An interception automatically entitles the defender to switch places with the quarterback.

Water tag

"It" tries to tag the others by throwing a wet sponge at them.

Bring a topographical map along on your hikes.