Welcome to Kir

Welcome to Kir

You have reached Kids Internet Radio ( Take a look around. On your left there are a list of links to other parts of the site. Click on one and it will take you there.

Finally after nine long months of anticipation you are a MOM now!! A Mom to a tiny, small, delicate but beautiful part of your own self....your baby. The nurse gives him/her in your hands and now he/she is your own. You've got to take care of your baby. You have to know everything about your child and explore him. So all that the new mothers need to know about the delicate bundle of joy-- the baby, is available here at "baby-info-care".

Everything that is essential for the mother to know, starting right from the day your baby comes into this world is provided here in a easy to understand manner. All the important aspects of your baby including his feed, weaning, clothing, vaccination etc. is discussed here in great detail.

Go through all this and by the the time you finish reading this site, you will be an ideal mother ready to take the new challenge with utmost care, fun and above all with extreme joy.... is designed mainly all about kids, we have kids stories, jokes, kids radio station, poems and we also have some tip on how to raise your child, pregnancy, babycare, birthsigns for your baby, what kind of clothes you need to have for your new born baby(stock up on baby bibs), how to make your baby sleep and much more.

Hey kids you's like listening to music, well check out our kids radio station, you can sing along and also sit down relax and listen to the stories we have on our radio station. Check out our joke site see if they make you laugh. We have party games, easy kids recipes.

Ensure your kids are safe when they are listening to the Kids Radio Network. If you are out about in the car listening to the shows on an internet enabled device then it's important to get the right baby car seat for your little ones to ensure they are protected correctly.