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Hating School

If you've ever had that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach and you can feel your heart beating fast you will understand the dread of going to school for some kids. Sometimes it can be a fleeting feeling but sometimes it can last and last.

The main reasons why some kids hate school so much is because they don't get on with other kids either because nobody wants to hang around with them or because they are being bullied. Other reasons are not getting on with teachers or struggling with schoolwork.

No Friends

If you having trouble making friends it can be because nobody understands you or you your not nice to be around. Fitting in can cause you to become unsettled at school, which can lead to other problems as well as confirming to the other kids that they are right not to hang with you. You become sad and constantly scrutinising every thing you do and every word you say and becoming negative about who you are and this can make you very self-conscious and this can perpetuate more of the same. Others can improve their popularity by putting you down to the "in" crowd. Don't be too upset with these people as they are just trying to be accepted and don't understand the damage they are doing. Some people need someone to hate.

To counter these feelings try being kind and generous, help others with their schoolwork if you can or with any problem you see they're having. Don't use others in your position to elevate your status, befriend them, they may or may not be what you need in a friend but you wont know until you get to know them. Don't take it too far, you don't want to be labelled a crawler so be careful not to offer gifts as inducement. It's alright to share sweets but not give toys etc, nor should you be accepting of taunts you have a right to your dignity and long-term respect requires it.
Good Luck!


Nobody likes a bully and you should not tolerate it. Bullies must be reported to your teacher and tell your parents. Having said that not all bullies are that way because they're mean and nasty. Some times it's because they're lonely or are feeling rejected. It might be because of problem they are experiencing at home or at school themselves and you might just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you can stop them from bullying with kindness you just might make a valuable friend.

A Problem with a teacher

If you and your teacher are not getting on try talking to your parents about it. Talk about situations that have arisen which have resulted in conflict. This will give you another perspective on it and you may find you are the problem without even knowing it. They might also be able to offer strategies for resolving the issues.

Talking to your teacher is an option. I know they can be intimidating but if you approach them calmly and rationally you may find they respond positively.

Problem with your schoolwork


Don't sit quietly in the class hoping that you wont be asked a question or an opinion about something you can't quite grasp. Don't worry about what others will think about you, if you don't understand put your hand up and make the teacher explain it better, chances are if you don't understand, half the class is in the same boat. If you still can't get it, see your teacher after class and go over it again. Do a couple of exercises when you get home that are related to the problem to affirm your understanding. You only get to go around this world once and if you start letting things slide you're going to slide with them.

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