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Public Auctions

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Public auctions invite everyone to attend. The only thing you have to do is abide by the terms and conditions of the sale. You also must pay for your purchases by whatever method is required and within the time frame stated. At public auctions, usually everything must be paid for on the day of the sale unless other arrangements have been made prior to the sale.

Just about anything you can think of is sold at public auctions. Watch the newspapers for upcoming sales. Look in the classified ads. If you have been to public auctions and registered you will probably be on their mailing list and will be notified of any auction sales.

Some auctions are for dealers only. If you have a business and a tax number you are a dealer. However, some dealer's sales require that you have a special license, such as a dealer's auto auction. You have to have a license to sell cars for that one.

Anyone may attend public auctions. Your local auction houses are probably selling antiques and collectables or modern furniture and household goods and are a very good source for merchandise. Some great buys are found there. Try not to fall in love with what you buy. If you are trying to make money at it you have to sell it.

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A few tips:

*Go early and look around. Sit down front to see the items better or in the back if you don't want people to see you bid. Sometimes bidders watch the dealers and if the dealer is bidding they figure they can pay a little more.

*When you get to know the auctioneer well, he or she will probably notify you if items that you are particularly interested in are coming up. Thank them for doing that and ask them to always do it. If you are a good, friendly buyer they will be happy to.

*Listen to all the announcements at the beginning of the sale. There may be important information on payment or pick-up.

*Listen to the auctioneer when multiple items are put up. They may be sold for one money, times the money (3 times the money for instance) or choice of one. Everybody frowns on someone bidding when they don't know what they're bidding on.

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*Don't ask for items to be put up out of order. It may interrupt the flow of the sale. If the auctioneer invites requests its o.k.

*If you have not personally inspected the item, don't bid on it. I can't stress that enough items are usually sold as is, where is without delivery.

*Make sure you have a market for the merchandise before you buy. You don't want to end up with a room full of mistakes.

Have fun at public auctions and enjoy your business.