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Saving Money

Saving money is important no matter if you're a work at home mom or a corporate big wig. The interesting thing is that, how much you save has nothing to do with your income.

Key Points To Save Money:

*Pay yourself first. Poor people don't pay themselves at all. Rich people pay themselves 10-20% or more of their income FIRST. That means before bills or anything else.

*Spend less than you earn.

*Keep track of your spending. Write every penny you spend in a journal for a week. Then cut out all those unnecessary expenses. (ie: gourmet coffees etc.)

*Have an automatic deduction set up so you can save a certain amount of money on a regular basis. If you don't see the money- you won't even notice it's gone. If you don't have an employer and a 401k, you can set it up so your money gets deposited into an IRA or a Savings Bond.

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*Quit smoking. Cigarettes are about $5.00 a pack. That's saving money to the tune of $1800.00 a year! (you can do it!)

*Buy used everything (clothes, cars, etc) check out eBay

*Sell the junk in your closets, garage, attic or basement. Sell it on eBay or have a garage sale.

*Get a roommate or rent out a room in your house.

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With all the money saving you'll be can invest it and get a 10% historical rate of return. Saving money will help lead you down the road to wealth.