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Selling on Ebay

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Selling on eBay reaches millions of people worldwide. With that much traffic you are bound to find someone interested in your wares.

There is a ton of information on eBay to guide you right through the process if you've never done it before. Go to the eBay!

eBay offers a lot of services such as Fraud protection, Safe Harbor, which investigates questionable business practices and Square Trade, a mediation service to settle issues between sellers and buyers. You can sell everything from vehicles to real estate on the eBay auction. Sign up to automatically accept credit cards and checking account payments through PayPal. You can even have your own eBay store. Check it out.

Here are some things I think are very important:

* It is of the highest importance to be honest when you are selling on eBay. People read your feedback and bid accordingly.

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* Be accurate with your description of the item and the condition.

* Pack very carefully to avoid breakage or damage.

* Give a prompt response to your winning bidder when the auction is over. They may also e-mail you with questions during the auction. Be willing to answer them right away.

* If your bidder is not using PayPal and sends you a check, don't ship the merchandise until the check has cleared.

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* Look over the whole eBay website before you begin to see what it's all about. Browse through the categories to check prices of the type merchandise you want to sell. If you price too high it won't sell and if priced too low you'll lose out when you could be making money. It is also not a good idea to pick merchandise that does not sell well.

* By all means use photos. They really help to sell your product. eBay has a photo tutorial.

Good luck on your eBay!