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Get Creative with Craft Shows

If you are crafty and you love doing it you can sell your work at craft shows. You must make up enough merchandise to make it worthwhile. Always work on that when you're not doing a show. Some shows are art and craft shows and some are fine art shows.

Once you have made your merchandise for the craft show, you will have to price it. Figure out exactly how much your materials cost. Then add what your time making the product is and how much it's worth. Add those two things and then add a profit to that.

Keep these things in mind:

*Do some price comparisons.

*What will people be willing to pay and is there a market for it?

*If your craft is too labor intensive you won't be able to charge enough for it. Rethink what you want to make.

*If the merchandise flies out the door it may be priced too low. If nobody buys it, it may be over priced.

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How do you find out where these craft shows are taking place? There are many periodicals that tell you where the shows are in your area. Check online for that and also check bookstores. Look for ads for craft shows as well. When you begin to do shows, other vendors will give you leads for other craft shows.

When you call the promoter of the craft show you should ask:

*How much the rent is

*If electricity is available (if you need it)

*If they rent tables (if you don't have your own)

*If the show is inside or outside (don't forget you may get rained on outside (you will need a tent for that)

*If it is out of town ask if they have made arrangements with a hotel for a discount for vendors

*If they have RV parking, if you're traveling in one

Make sure you take with you all the supplies you may need while at the craft show. This would include things to make repairs with. Also, you'll probably need a cooler for food and drink. Don't forget change and new bags for the merchandise. Have cards to pass out in case a customer wants to place an order later.

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Having your own tables is cheaper than renting them at the craft show. Have covers that go to the floor and you can keep your boxes, etc. under them. You can buy covers online, make them or use sheets. Check with the promoter on what they require. Make it look as good and professional as possible. The visuals are important.

When setting up at the craft show don't forget to leave room for a chair or chairs to sit in. Make it easy also for the customers to walk in and look at your merchandise. Be able to answer any questions the customers may have and be enthusiastic. Good luck.