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Home Business Ideas

There is no shortage of home business ideas. The key is to find something you enjoy and that way it will be easy to turn into money and it won't seem so much like work.

Here are a few home business ideas to get you rolling:

*Home parties

*Shopping service

*Pet sitting/dog walking


*Candle Making

*Internet marketing

*Craft shows


*Soap making


*Gift baskets

*Cooking lessons



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*Herb gardening

*Personal Chef

*Typing service


*Resume' writing

*Desktop publishing

*Music lessons

*Errand service


*Cake decorating


*Custom birth announcements

*Make doll clothes

*Decorative furniture painting

*Event planner

*Children's birthday party planner

*Psychic services

*Cleaning service/home & office

*Personal life coach

*Scrapbooking for others

*Become an online travel agent

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The possibilities for home business ideas are endless. Once you've picked one of the home business ideas you need to make a plan and work it.

*Research your home business ideas thoroughly. Is there a real market for it?

*Market your home business ides by placing ads in local papers, pass out cards, and put up flyers. Send out press releases and tell everybody you see about your home business ideas.

*Set your price-how much is your production service worth? Most importantly how much is your time worth? The best guide for pricing is SBI guide

*Home business ideas are nothing without customers. Treat them like gold, always.

The best home business ideas are the ones that whisper to you....and you act on.