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Envelope Stuffing

Not all work from home opportunities are what they claim to be. Envelope stuffing is probably the longest running work from home scam in existence.

You can find ads for this envelope stuffing "job" in so many places. This particular envelope stuffing scam goes something like this. You read the ad. You contact the people running the ad. They ask for some kind of fee up front (usually around $29 or more). They promise you will make about $1- $3 per envelope. What they don't tell you is that you will be told to turn around and scam other people by placing adds for envelope stuffing.

Many other scams besides envelope stuffing appear in newspaper ads as well as on the Internet.

Some of them include…

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Medical Billing – Offer you chances of making a lot of money on billing for doctors and other health care offices. The truth is that you are asked to invest thousands of dollars and then find clients on your own.

Assembly and crafts – The promoters of this type of scam asks you to invests hundreds of dollars and perhaps require you to purchase special equipment. They get you to produce some type of product to be sold later to a company. In many cases, you end up not getting paid because your product "is of quality standard".

Mailing Lists – Some companies claim that they pay for all of the names that you can gather. Like many scams, they are just selling the scam and not legitimate information.

There are numerous scams out there. That doesn't mean you cannot work from home. Just be very careful. Check out good websites or call, The Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and The U.S. Postal Service before you invest your time and money.

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Do your best to find legitimate opportunities like Home Party Plans or do work for a local business with good credentials. Just do a little legwork and phone calling before you lose anything!