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The little girl with NO HOPE

This little girl named Iris was born in a public hospital In Venezuela. Her parents left her there in high hopes that someone else could afford to take care of her. After two years with no one to support her, still living in the Hospital, she acquired polio and her whole lower torso flipped under her. Since then, she still has no family. She still lives with this condition and she has had no hope of a real life. HMR met Iris in 1997, where we investigated her conditions and found that this little girl has gone without physical therapy, verbal therapy and most of all , without LOVE. HMR also learned that IRIS had never left the hospital since she was born, that was 18 years ago! That's right! For 18 years this little girl has been in a bed in the corner of the hospital wing staring at the ceiling. Imagine.

In 1997, HMR and the volunteers offered her a glimmer of hope. For a day, they took Iris to the park for the first time. Iris saw trees for the first time. She felt the wind in her hair and she tasted Ice Cream for the very first time in her 18 years of life. Imagine.